Kimono Style Tips

Floral Kimono for Spring and Summer

Hey Lovely! Let's talk Kimono's

Kimono's are a beautiful way to add a pop of colour, comfort, and elegance to an outfit. Let's dive right in... 

Navy Floral Women's Kimono

 Colour Matching

We love Kimono's that have lots of colour and interest within their design! Florals, abstract, and geometric prints, we love it all! The multitude of colours available in these patterns allows us to pick any number of colours straight from the Kimono to match the rest of our outfit too.

For example, if you were wearing the Indie Kimono you can take the base navy from this style and match it to another navy item such as the Brooke dress for a perfect casual daytime look. Alternatively, you could easily select the peach tones or light blue tones to match too.

This is the type of outfit that is perfect for travel, it is comfortable, soft, offers sun protection and can be styled up or down. Add white sneakers and a headband for a fun casual daytime look then swap out for heels and a bit of jewellery for an understated nighttime look and voila, sorted for all day travelling! 

Beach to Bar Colourful Beach to Bar Kimono

Speaking of travelling... If, like us, you have started to think about beach holidays, dreaming of long days spent lounging at the beach you would definitely be missing out if you didn't have a kimono with you!

This is not only a great and practical sun protection option but also gives you an amazing, elevated beach look. No longer wrapping just a towel around your waist when heading to the bar, throw on the Kit Kimono and see heads turn as you stride up to the bar to collect your pina colada! 

Kimono Evening Style Floral

  Girl's Night

It's no secret that we love colour! Now we completely understand that sometimes you may not wish to step out in a blinding hot pink dress right away (Hey Lola, we're thinking about you)!

Maybe you would rather ease yourself into the bright side of endophin dressing, well a Kimono is the perfect solution for you. Again, you can pick the brightest colour available in the Kimono or a complimentary colour and pair this with your boldest, brightest dress to take your first baby steps into the world of colourful endorphin dressing! Try it out and let us know how many compliments you get!

 Simple Denim Delight 

Pairing Kimono's with Denim

Ok so the school run has caught up with you quicker than a cheetah on a caffeine rush! You're in your basic denim jeans and a singlet, no problem! Although this is a tried and tested look, why not level it up as you rush out the door by throwing on a beautiful Kimono? You'll be the talk of the PTA for all the right reasons!

This is one of the simplest and effective ways to add elegance to your look in a matter of seconds. We urge you to give it a go because we think you will love the simplicity of this style. 


So, there you have it, keeping styling effortlessly easy as it should be and giving you all you need to create an outfit that will have you feeling lovely, stylish and confident!

We love it when you tag us in your looks, be sure to tag us on Instagram @lovestylecoau and on Facebook @lovestylecoau 

Happy Styling! 


Stay Beautiful,

Love Style Co Team x

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