It's My Party and I'll Wear What I Want To...


Can you believe it has been 4 years since Love Style Co was created!? The past 4 years have gone by in a roller-coaster of ups and downs. 

Year 1 was exciting, shiny, and new and we loved meeting our customers for the very first time. Some of you may even remember back to when we started and have come along on this journey with us.

Year 2 was 2020, and, well, we all know how that went...

Year 3 we were slowly able to bring in more staff and get things up and running again after the world went into lockdown.

Turning 4, and like a toddler heading to kindy for the first time, we are growing up and moving towards bigger and bolder things, all in the direction of serving our wonderful community!

As things may change, there is one aspect to us that will always remain the same. We will always be bringing you endorphin creating dresses! We want you to feel bright, bold and beautiful when you put on your LSC dress, top, skirt or culottes. How we aim to do this? Through colour.

Celebrating Colour

Did you know that there is actually a science to wearing colour? Different colours can help bring on certain moods and mindsets. As we love getting a little endorphin boost from putting on a bright new dress, we have shared some ways that colour can give you a boost too!


Pink and Purple

We love pink! It doesn’t get the respect it deserves. When we think of pink we tend to think of youth and young girls but as we grow up, we sometimes move away from pink because we think we are too old for it. I am here to tell you this is nonsense! Wear the Pink! Pink is a beautiful symbol of hope and comfort. It can help to alleviate feelings of tension, irritability and anger and is also very flattering on many skin tones. Not to mention it’s close companion purple, is a symbol of royalty… excuse me, please hand me my crown!



Blue is included on many of our items and for good reason. It is such a great colour for day-to-day wear, office wear and everything in between. Blue colouring is representative of a calm, tranquil and relaxing mood. Who wouldn’t want to be in that kind of mood all day?


Orange and Yellow

Orange, not always the most popular pick of colour and we are here to change that! A stunning, eye catching colour, orange brings fun and energy wherever it goes. Pop on a splash of orange to feel instantly brighter and more energetic! Similar to our orange friend, is yellow, beautifully understated, yellow is full of optimism, vibrancy and happiness. Feeling a little low, climb into a yellow number to get a mood boost and feel sunnier.



Green and Brown

Greens and browns have a way of grounding us. If you’re feeling a little lost at the moment chunk on some green or wear brown to help you feel more connected and hopeful for the future. At Love Style Co we have a way to make even green and brown pop, so you not only feel grounded, but you feel bright and beautiful at the same time!



Wanting to go big and bold, head to our reds. Red is passionate, intense, feisty and fiery. Chanel your inner phoenix, and shine bright in bold red. Not feeling brave enough to take on our brightest red, no worries, work your way up with the more subtle red tones before grabbing the brightest statement piece from your wardrobe.


Black and White

Black and white. True and tested. Power and purity. Grab your LBD when you need a statement of professionalism, power, or to feel a little mysterious. White is the perfect choice to feel clean, strong, and to bring out your inner boss lady! Both work perfectly as a base to add bright colourful accessories or to wear a bold lippy.


All the Colours

When you just can't choose, then we have your back, pick from some of our fun multicoloured options to get an endorphin hit from all the colours! 






There you have it, a mix of colours that have made us who we are and continue to bring joy and variety to your wardrobe and life on a daily basis.

What is your favourite colour and what occasion do you love to wear it too most? Drop your answers in the comment section below.


Stay Beautiful,

Love Style Co Team xx

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