The Women Who Inspire Us

Group Women International Women's Day

When we think of Inspirational women, we tend to think of women who have made large scientific breakthroughs like Marie Curie or Rosalind Franklin; strived for greatness like Amelia Earhart or Valentina Tereshkova; or advocated for women’s rights like Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison.

The movers and shakers that have carved out the world in which we live today. There was so much more to each of those women than the big achievements they are known for, they were also everyday women just like us. They were a friend, a mum, a sister, a grandmother, a daughter and so on and they would have been inspirational to the people in their lives for all the little things they did too.

Just like these incredible women you undoubtable have someone in your life that you find inspirational for all the little things they do. We don’t have to look far to be in awe of the women beside us!

Women Group International Women's Day

We want to celebrate those women; the women who drive their kids to school every day; the women who hold a friends hand when they are in need; the women who bring joy and laughter into our life; the women who work two jobs to provide for their family; the women who despite of their own health look after someone else; the women who check in with a text or call to make sure you’re ok – we see you and we are inspired by you!

Right through to International Women’s Day and beyond, we are going to be celebrating you and women like you, for ALL you do.

To kick off our celebrations we wanted to share with you some of the little inspirations from the women that shape our everyday life and encourage you to share your appreciation for the women who inspire you every day as well.

It doesn’t have to be something big, we wanted to share some of our little inspirations with you to remind you that there is probably someone out there who is inspired by you too!
Friends at Lunch

Elise: “I love how the women at my boy’s school nurture and support their needs. The way they show up for them and support them everyday with their neurodiversity challenges means the world to me and brings be great joy.”

Christie: “I am inspired every day by the women I work with, both past and present who juggle work, life and children and do it all with a smile even when things don’t go quite as planned! I am in awe of how any mum can manage on next to no sleep and still get up for business every day. That alone is inspirational!”

Micah: “I am inspired daily by my mum, I think she is awesome! She loves her life and knows how to celebrate the life that she has, living it to the fullest and I love how she encourages and loves her grandchildren.”

Sophie: “My mum is my inspiration as she is always willing to listen to me and all my rants, rambles and brain vomit and just understands and gets me. She totally gets the stage of life that I am in and is able to support me and doesn’t put pressure on me to rush my life or meet societal pressures or expectations and I love her for that.”

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Stay Beautiful,

Love Style Co Team xx

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