Double Down on Denim!

Let's shine the spotlight on denim for a moment. Who amongst us doesn’t love a good denim jacket or trusty pair of jeans, we all do right? Most of us love denim because it's so versatile. 

Denim is like a true and trusty friend that adds a little sass to your life. This is how we view denim when paired with some of our other beautiful pieces. Our oversized Denim jacket, Bronx, is as the name suggests, full of attitude!

Want to look effortlessly cool, throw on your Bronx jacket. Want to wear a jacket with pockets, throw on your Bronx. Want to tone down a super bright outfit, throw on your Bronx. Want to cosy up for colder weather, throw on your Bronx.

I think you get the idea. This is why we adore denim so much and think you probably will too when you give this oversized sassy Bronx jacket a space in your heart and your wardrobe!


Fun Fact: Did you know that  denim was original thought to have been made popular in France in the 1800s and was known as “serge de Nimes”, anyone feel fancier wearing “de Nimes” already?

We aren’t ones to shun a little double denim, so why not pair the Bronx jacket with the pair of jeans and double down on denim! Not just any style of jeans though, but the daring Abbey Flares!

If a flash back of the 70s and possibly Abba came to mind you’re not alone, but this super flattering style is making a comeback and we think it deserves to shine.


The inherent flared shape provides a flattering balance to so many body shapes compared to more leg hugging alternatives. Visually the flared section of the jeans will balance out broader shoulders or bigger hips and bums while adding a little retro style to your usual look.

Pick up your denim Flares and Jacket and you’ll be radiating retro confidence in no time! 

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